Autism Society: Coronavirus Information Series

Dear Friend,

The Autism Society of America will continue to update our staff, affiliates, and the autism community will reputable resources and information throughout the COVID-19 crisis, and will provide weekly communications surrounding the Coronavirus.

Tomorrow, we will launch “Autism Society: Coronavirus Information Series”, a weekly Facebook Live event that addresses the added COVID-19 challenges for the autism community including, mental health, emergency funding, and financial planning.

Kim Musheno, our Vice President of Public Policy, will kick off the series tomorrow, March 17th, at 4 pm EST, to discuss the Families First Act and how it affects the autism community. Tune in live on our Facebook page.

Additionally, we are partnering with myHana, a web based information provider, to produce timely education programs to help individuals and families affected autism during this crisis.

Lastly, we have implemented our business contingency plan to be accessible and available during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; we have encouraged our national staff to work safely and remotely, and we have the technological support to continue our work quickly and effectively.

We will continue to keep you updated by email, social media, and on our website. If you have questions about the measures we are taking to ensure the safety of the people we serve, or for those needing support, visit or please contact our National Helpline at 1(800)3-AUTISM, or via email at [email protected]

All My Best,

Christopher Banks

President & CEO