Downeast Horizons Update

We have received several concerns regarding our decision to keep our programs open. At this time, we want you all to be aware that our top priority is the safety of all of our program participants and employees. As of Monday the following protocols have been implemented in order to maintain this goal.
1) Prior to participants arrival, all door handles, light switches, toilets, sinks, hand rails, key boards, telephones, tables, chairs etc. are sanitized.
2) Participants and employees upon arrival are checked to see how they are feeling and guided to wash their hands or to use the hand sanitizer Downeast Horizons distributes.
3) Participants and staff are split into smaller groups of less than ten and will be provided activities in designated areas within the building to maintain advised social distancing
4) There will be no activities planned or provided in the community, except for physical development that will take place in the proximity or on the premises of the program grounds.
5) On an hourly basis employee will wipe down the listed items above to continue with keeping the program sanitized, as well as wash their hands and direct the participants to do so as well
6) There will be no group rides.
7) We are discouraging all visitors.
8) We are discouraging all elderly and/or those who have compromised immune systems in attending program.
9) We continue to monitor and update our internal protocols to assist in the protection of our employees and participants in these challenging and changing times
We are reviewing and implementing all recommendations from the CDC, Governor and President. As things change, which we know that they will, we will continue to update all participants, staff, guardians and providers of the changes as they are implemented.

Anthony Zambrano, Executive Director