In Loving Memory

As we close out the year, we cannot go without making mention of our unfortunate losses we shared this December.

David Greenlaw and Joey Jones were a big part of our Downeast Horizons family for many years. David joined us way back when we had the MDI Workshop in Otter Creek. Even though David’s life took him to places away from us, he continued to maintain close relationships with his friends from Downeast Horizons until he returned not long ago. David was a man of few words, however if you ever needed a smile, David would be the guy to go to, to get one. Joey became part of our family after leaving high school. Another man of few words however his expressions would tell you a lifetime of stories. He was both kind and gentle, and reminded us that life is not always about what one does, but also about what one doesn’t do to bring us joy.

Both of these men filled our hearts with life and compassion when with them. They both had a glimmer of light in their eyes that could not go unnoticed, that would bring peace and a smile. Our hearts go out to their family and friends.