Downeast Horizons Mask Update as of 3/28/2022

On behalf of Downeast Horizons’ Board of Directors and myself, I am pleased to announce that masking is no longer mandated at any DEHI site with the exception of riding in one of our large vans. Those who wish to remain masked have the option to do so.

If an employee, resident or program participant presents symptoms that are associated with Covid, please stay home and contact the office for testing. Masking will be required if a program participant has symptoms or tests positive until a ride can found. Our present residential quarantine guidelines are to be followed. Please continue to notify us of any positive test results or exposures.

Now more than ever it will be important to use social distancing guidelines, and making sure that we are sanitizing the homes and program spaces.
Also, keep in mind that this may change at any given time or per site should Covid cases increase.