Work Supports

DEHI’s career planning service (also referred to as “Discovering Personal Genius”) is available to anyone receiving MaineCare Waiver Sections 29 or 21. This service allows up to 60 hours of one-on-one service from a certified Employment Specialist to discover what the person is interested in as it pertains to employment.

The service is not designed to find someone a job, but to simply uncover what their vocational interests and desires may be. This service is designed for people that have not worked in the past (or have not worked in a long time), and it is a collaboration between the Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Our employment Service is a cost-free recruiting resource for local businesses. Downeast Horizons provides employment services for local businesses by matching an applicant up with an employer. DEH works with the employer and the applicant through out the hiring, orientation, and training process in order to maximize successful employment.

Job Coach

A Job Coach is an individual who trains, motivates and assists individuals with developmental disabilities in the work environment. Services provided include developing the interpersonal skills and employment skills necessary to be a productive employee and maintain their employment

Employment Specialist

An Employment Specialist is a certified professional responsible for developing employment opportunities for the individual with developmental disabilities by working with employers to “carve out” jobs that will facilitate both the employer and the individual to meet their goals. The Employment Specialist will help the employer to identify aspects of their business that could benefit from additional help which can free up manpower for working on larger business goals, identify possible financial benefits from hiring adults with developmental disabilities and identifying adaptive equipment the employee may utilize to work as independently as possible.

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All agency-sponsored activities are paid for by Downeast Horizons.