Sledding with Friends!

Feb 27, 2023

Kiddos from the Brewer Children’s program went sledding during February Break! They loved it!


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2023 Basketball Special Olympics

Downeast Horizons participated in the Basketball Special Olympics on Saturday at UMO. Athletes competed in the individual skills and the 5v5 team. Everyone was sent home with medals and ribbons! Great job everyone! [gallery link="file"...

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Snow Tubing Party!

Downeast Horizons went to Hermon Mountain today for a snow tubing party! Everyone had a blast! [gallery link="file"...

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2023 Swimming Special Olympics

Downeast Horizons participated in the Swimming Special Olympics this morning at the Bangor YMCA. All athletes were sent home with ribbons. Everyone did a great job! [gallery link="file"...

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Self Care Day

Program participants and staff of the Brewer Children's program did a Self Care Day during February school break.  

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Master Chef Cooking Competition

Kiddos and staff of the Ellsworth Children's program had fun playing the Master Chef Cooking Competition today! Everyone enjoyed being the secret ingredient taste tester and trying the cooking challenge by making a burger patty with one hand from each chef. [gallery...

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